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  • Introducing our drinks

    Here at Apple Orphanage we handcraft delicious, natural drinks on the Isle of Man using Manx ingredients.

    We’re passionate about using fantastic locally grown crops and avoid adding non-natural ingredients whenever possible. That’s why we always let you know exactly what it is you’re drinking!

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    Apple Orphanage: Apple Juice Apple Orphanage: Rhubarb Presse
    Product Overview
    Apple Orphanage: Elderflower Keshal Apple Orphanage: Real Manx Cider
  • Manx Apple Juice

    Pure, unadulterated Manx Apple Juice!

    Local apples are harvested through our Fruit Exchange. We press select apple cultivars to make single variety juices; from sweet to tangy there's a vast spectrum of flavors to enjoy...

    From apples that naturally have hints of other fruits like banana or strawberry to those with a nutty or sherberty quality!

    We also blend dessert and cooking apples to make wonderfully balanced classic apple juices in both sweet and crisp blends. (All without adding any sugar or flavourings!)

    Blends are available in litre bottles to share with the family, or keep a few individual sized single varieties to yourself and celebrate nature's diversity!

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    Manx Apple Juice
    Manx Apple Juice Manx Apple Juice

    Buying options:

    £2 for "Individual" (250ML)
    £5 for "Litre" (1000ML)
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  • Rhubarb Pressé

    Our latest innovation! We press beautiful Manx grown Rhubarb in Spring; sweeten the (rather tart!) juice with a little sugar and mix with the finest quality Green Mann Spring Water to make an unparalleled, refreshing sparkling Rhubarb drink!

    Sweet and tangy our Rhubarb pressé brings back childhood memories of Rhubarb crumble, but with a touch of sophistication.

    Enjoy chilled over ice (with a splash of gin and a slice of lime when you're feeling decadent!).

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    Manx Rhubarb Presse
    Manx Rhubarb Presse

    Buying options:

    £2 for 250ML
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  • Elderflower Keshal

    Based on an old family recipe, our Elderflower Keshal (Keshal - Manx Gaelic for fizz) has been refined over the years to create a wonderfully fragrant, medium dry, sparkling wine with a clean citrus finish.

    We handpick Manx elderflowers once a year in their seasonal prime; fresh and in full bloom they are the basis for our Keshal which is fermented and matured for 12 months - so it's worth the wait!

    We meticulously prepare each bottle for bottle conditioning following the méthode traditionnelle as used for Champagne, so our Elderflower Keshal has a natural sparkle.

    The star of the show at any celebration and a perfect unaccompanied indulgence shared with friends.  Serve chilled and with a smile! 

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    Elderflower Keshal
    Manx Elderflower Keshal Manx Elderflower Keshal

    Buying options:

    £40 for 12 x "Demi" (375ML)
    £80 for 12 x "Traditional" (750ML)
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    You must be 18 years of age, or older, to purchase alcohol. Proof of age may be required.

    The Licensing Act 1995 restricts us to selling a minimum of two cases of Real Manx Dry Cider or one case of Elderflower Keshal. Minimum orders are as stated and include free IOM delivery.

  • Real Manx Dry Cider

    Our champion!

    Produced traditionally and naturally free from artificial sweeteners, sulphites and any other additives. We even rely on naturally occurring wild yeasts... In fact our cider is nothing but 100% Manx Apple Juice.

    Every apple used is grown & pressed on the Isle of Man. The juice is slowly fermented and matured over 12-18 months. The result is a dry, light bodied, fruity cider with a crisp apple finish. Beautifully aromatic with a rich, deep apple bouquet.

    Lifted by a gentle natural sparkle created by in-bottle fermentation (adding a dash of fresh apple juice as we bottle). Our favourite tipple for any occasion!

    Make no mistake: it's a dry cider! Best served at room temperature or very slightly chilled, if it's a bit too dry for you sweeten to taste - so you'll know exactly what you're drinking...

    This is Real cider!

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    Real Manx Dry Cider
    Real Manx DRY Cider

    Buying options:

    £60 for 24 x 500ML
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    You must be 18 years of age, or older, to purchase alcohol. Proof of age may be required.

    The Licensing Act 1995 restricts us to selling a minimum of two cases of Real Manx Dry Cider or one case of Elderflower Keshal. Minimum orders are as stated and include free IOM delivery.

Lets Sa
e the world together

We hate waste; please help us to reuse our bottles by returning them after use - we'll give you 10p back for each rinsed bottle!
Apple Orphanage Fruit Exchange: Free apple juice for apples!

We only want to use fruit grown in the Isle of Man and we want to make the most of what's already growing here!

So we came up with Fruit Exchange.

The idea is pretty simple:

We'd like to use your crops and in return we'll give you a fair share of the juice or other drinks that we make from them. We'd like everyone with an apple tree (or rhubarb plant!) to be able to enjoy delicious, freshly pressed apple juice (or rhubarb pressé)…and for free!

Pick your apples (or rhubarb!) when they're nice and ripe, bring them to us and we'll give you free juice there and then to take home in exchange for your fruit!

Whether you bring one bag or a truck full, we welcome any amount of fruit!


Fruit Exchange opening hours:  May - Nov / Weds - Sat / 1pm - 6pm

Manx yessir:
Apple Orphanage family


We're Will Faulds and Charlotte Traynor, Apple Orphanage Company Limited, and we want to do things differently! We founded Apple Orphanage in 2009 to make quality, handcrafted, Manx beverages on the Isle of Man using locally grown, Manx ingredients.

Will was born and raised on the Isle of Man and introduced Charlotte to the Island in 2007. They've lived together at The Lynague farm ever since.

Will's been making cider and wine at The Lynague, from home grown fruit, for nearly 10 years. Will started with apple wine, using surplus apples from The Lynague orchard; we both hate to see good things go to waste - particularly apples - Will loves apples! We've trialled wines, juices and cordials from every fruit, flower or bush we could find. Some of our favourite flavours have been: blackcurrant, plum, gooseberry, and elderflower.

We're passionate about keeping things natural and free from chemicals - we've realised you can make something taste great, if not better, without them and who wants to drink chemicals?

We also believe it's important to make the most of our existing local resources; so when we need any ingredients or services we try to source them on the Island. The Isle of Man has great potential to be self sufficient and we try our hardest to spread the word that great things are, and can be, grown here. We are always experimenting with new fruits and recipes that make the most of unused, wasted or forgotten resources on the Island; so keep a look out for our ever evolving range of products...

Minimising waste is also something we strive to do throughout the business and our processes. All our bottles are glass, which we recycle and reuse. Even the apple pulp we are left with after pressing is not wasted, but fed to our pigs who always look forward to apple season!

Four years ago we entertained the somewhat radical possibility of producing our drinks commercially… and here we are today: Apple Orphanage Company Limited, producers of Manx soft drinks, apple juice, made-wine and cider. We hope you enjoy our drinks as much as we do!

Will & Charlotte

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